Getting to know Moda Rican Founder

Getting to know Moda Rican Founder

Moda Rican was born at the moment where life forced me to re-invent myself. Like a good lawyer I began to analyze all the opportunities that I had in front of me. I asked myself, what do I love, what people related me to, and what can I do for a living, but at the same time made me feel happy and free.

I was always good at guiding people in different matters, family law, domestic violence, human resources, administrative matters. In the personal side I guided my friends and co-workers on things related to the fashion and beauty world. My love for these matters in this recent years led me take certifications in photography, aesthetics, nail technique and currently as a fashion coach.

There are no limitations for anyone that is full of dreams, have the courage, commitment, and determination. With the creation of Moda Rican, one of my dreams comes true. I invite you to dream big and snatch from the universe what its yours!!!!

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Dios te bendiga grandemente hermosa y mucho exito


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